Presence of the far away

During covid-19, the choreography of places we move through on a daily basis changed. I often reflected on my journey through Japan.  In Japanese culture, "space" has many different meanings, many more than western countries. Here, space is framed by the relationships between objects: the walls, the ceiling and the furniture. In Japan, space is about the relationships between people and how it forms these relationships. Presence of the far away is an interactive performance that revolves around how we can be intimate at a distance.

Documented by Jesse Brinkerhof at solo-exhibition, The Reason I Move, Zutphen 2022

Performers: Laila el Bazi, Janne Bless, Vera Goetzee, Ella Jonker, Vera Slot en Sherise Strang
Camera: LionBull Media (Maurice Visser) en Patchanka Oosterhuis.