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The Brook is a performance video that invites the public for a mental and sensory experience. The video unfolds a philosophical and physical microcosm of the body and watching it evokes the experience of looking at a rock garden. Over the centuries, Japan’s rock garden design techniques have been developed to guide one's experience in subtle but specific ways. The film is an investigation into reducing the focus on the "self” and to strengthen the awareness of the environment and our relationships with it. It does this by trying to relate to a different time than usually experienced by humans, i.e. time as experienced by a stone.

Camera: Hilbert Kamphuisen
Editing: Riekje Ziengs
Sounddesign: Peter Oskam
Grading: Barend Onneweer
Re-touch: Thijme & Szafrańska

© Doc 234/27
CA 02027 Rex
File 2/3764
© Doc 234/27
File 2/3764