Clarinde Wesselink is a movement artist from the Netherlands. She often collaborates with and develops dialogues and movement practices with different organisms, animals, plants and non-living entities. As she follows the rhythms and movements of non-human entities, her work becomes intertwined with the choreographies of the earth. Sometimes these are processes of months and years and sometimes of seconds. The boundaries between her and other entities seem to blur. She creates places of patience and aptitude for looking, feeling and touching. She presents her work in detailed compositions. In recent years, these compositions have taken the shape of performances and performance films. These are ambitious in themselves and meaningful in relation to each other, building a cohesive practice in which each step deepens the work: showing an image and experience in which humans are not isolated but interwoven in a web of connections with the world.
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  • Movement Workshop 
    Gerrit Rietveld Academy

  • Expositie
    Opening: 18-03-2023
    Datum: 18 maart t/m 15 mei 2023
    Taal: Engels en Nederlands
    Locatie: AKINCI gallery, Amsterdam.

  • Recidency Fish Factory, Iceland

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