Horizon-tale, re-mapping space through physical constraints


Each memory originates in a physical experience: the scent of freshly squeezed orange juice, the tingling sensation of grass on bare feet, the sudden apparition of elongated shadows in the night under the glow of a lamppost. Imagine if you could change your experience of the world by altering your body physically. By wearing a headpiece, for example - a prosthesis, if you will - from which sprouts a long thin bar with a heavy, metal globe on top. Every movement of the globe may unbalance you, so each step you take has to be taken carefully and conscientiously to avoid falling over. Horizon-tale shows the wearing of five prostheses and how this affects the sensory experience. The actors, looking like almost mythical creatures, move through natural sceneries that slowly morph into unearthly, unfamiliar landscapes.

Camera and editing: Clementine van der Bent
Drone operator: Lourens Lente
Editing: Fanny Hagmeijer
Music: Bart de Kroon