How could we bring more body-mind explorations into our daily lives? My work revolves around body-mind and its relation to the environment. This blog is an attempt to share with you my daily movement play. Hopefully, you will enjoy it too. If you want to receive my prompt daily in your mailbox, email info@clarindewesselink.com or
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January 24, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 198:
Take a pen and paper and listen to what you hear around you. If you hear an interesting sound, walk in the direction of the sound. If you have thoughts about the sound, write them down. If you hear a different sound somewhere else, you walk in that direction. Make a quick note if you have a thought or memory about the sound. Do this for at least 15 minutes. Then read your written sound thoughts to someone.

January 23, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 197:
Can you find ways to experience pressure in your body, for example, through the pressure of the floor when you roll over it or when you push yourself into the chair? We often experience mental pressure as something negative. When is the experience of pressure in a physical sense negative? When do you experience mental pressure and physical pressure as positive?

January 22, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 196:
Move through your room, house or garden, try to be with your sensory perceptions and stay away from thoughts. When you have a thought, you make a sound. How long can you stay with the movements and sensations without thinking?

January 21, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 195:
Choose ten items of clothing from your wardrobe. For each, write down an experience you had while wearing this piece of clothing. Then choose a movement or movement phrase for each experience and perform it.

January 20, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 194:
Take a 15-minute walk. And then take 10 minutes to write. Don't take the pen off the paper. Write whatever immediately comes to mind. Reread it to circle words and phrases that you find interesting. Use the circled words
as inspiration for a letter to something you fear.

January 21, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 193:
Measure the different objects in your room with your body.

January 18, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 192:
Examine and find the different shadow planes in your room in the evening. For example, it can be a lamp, a plant or a cabinet. Create a dance using your shadow planes and the shadows of the objects as inspiration.

January 17, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 191:
Make a dance in your room where standing still is the most important ingredient.

January 16, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 190:
Choose three objects in your environment. Write down the names of the objects and say them to yourself. Then write down what each word feels like. Next, examine the three physical objects. Touch them take them in your hand and write down how the objects feel. Be as precise as possible.

January 15, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 189:
Choose one simple movement, one that you dislike. Do this movement for 10 minutes and then change one thing about the movement.

January 14, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 188:
Feel your sternum with your fingers and hands. Find out how big it is. Imagine your sternum is filled with a warm oil. Start to move and keep the sternum and the moving oil in mind.

January 13, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 187:
Imagine that your spine consists of a long flexible tube with water. Start moving and imagine how the water moves in the tube.

January 12, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 186:
Lie on your back on a comfortable surface. Breathe in and out deeply, feeling your lungs expand against your ribs like a touch. Examine this touch and make it as smooth and gentle as possible.

January 11, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 185:
This assignment is when it is dark outside. Turn off the lights in your room or house. Think about what the theme of your day was. Discover your room or house by touch and choose an object that interests you. Find as many ways to be with this object as possible. Choose the position that appeals to you most, and write a few lines about the theme of your day in this position.

January 10, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 184:
Take a walk and try to detect as many sensations on your skin as you walk.

January 9, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 183:
Imagine that you are an object among other objects in the room. Where and in what posture would you be in the room?

January 8, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 182:
Lie on your bed or any other surface that interests you. Close your eyes and begin to relax your body. Remember to relax also the muscles in your face. Begin to feel how much you can sense from the surface you are lying on. You can do it however you want: by scanning your body from top to bottom or following a different sensation in your body each time.

January 7, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 181:
Take a book from the bookcase that you still need to read. Choose six separate sentences from the book. Do five actions in your home, each representing one of the phrases in the book.

January 6, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 180:
Take a path you walk daily and look for at least seven things you've never seen before. Translate each of these things into a (small) movement.

January 5, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 179:
Make a small dance and take note of the sensations in your fingertips and toes while moving.

January 4, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 178:
Make a huge move that you like. Repeat this movement several times and make it smaller each time until you can no longer see on the outside that you are moving.

January 3, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 177:
Go outside, take a few deep breaths, and then notice the smell of the air. Write down what you smelled in as much detail as possible.

January 2, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 176:
Take a pencil and hold it between your fingers as lightly as possible. Move around the room in this way for a few minutes. Consider what this exercise brings you afterwards.

January 1st, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 175:
Use the doorway, not as a place of transition, but as a place to discover.

December 31, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 174:
What kind and how many rhythms and movements are there in your house?

December 30, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 173:
Turn off all the lights, place a candle or several candles in front of you, and watch the movements of the flames and their shadows on the walls. Research how your movements influence the movements of the flames and the shadows on the walls.

December 29, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 172:
Choose a person in your mind. Think about the next thing you will do and imagine how that person would do it and do it that way.

December 28, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 171:
Could you think of a ritual, movement or activity you did today that reminds you of something you did in the past? What is similar, and what is different?

December 27, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 170:

Look at an animal in your environment. Study the animal’s movements as if seeing a dance choreography on stage. After 15 minutes, write down five movements you find the most interesting/or that stayed with you.

December 26, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 169:
Do a simple daily task that exists out of at least four movements. This could be, for example washing the dishes. While doing this task, concentrate for several minutes on one part of you body (a finger, shoulder, ect.). Sense as detailed as possible what you feel in your feet and what images this sensation gives you. Please write it down. Do this with several parts of your body.

December 25, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 168:

When you have a conversation with someone, listen to how many things he/she/they say(s) are movements. And imagine how you would translate them into your movements.

December 24, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 167:
When you have a conversation with someone listen to how many things he/she/they say(s) are movements.

December 23, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 166:
Take a walk outside with your mobile phone and look for a place to sit alone. If needed, take some deep relaxing breaths. Sit and try to sense things that happen inside you and outside you. Speak to yourself about what your sense. Try to be equal in what you see and tell about the inside and the outside.

December 22, 365, Movement Prompts, Day 165:
If you are tired or just low in energy at a certain point today, look very angry for a minute. What does this do with your energy level?

December 21, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 165:
Choose three joints in your body. Start to move one of them. Feel how the movement creates a sensation that travels through the body. Do the same with the other joints.After having experienced the different sensations of the three joints, start to move the joints simultaneously. Try to sense how the sensations influence each other. Use it as an inspiration or guidance for your movements.

December 20, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 164:
Lie down at a comfortable place and try to relax for 15 minutes, completely minimizing muscle activity. Then start noticing the little movements in your body and imagine your body taking on a life of its own. Discover this liveliness without doing anything, feel the different processes and listen to it.

December 19, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 163:
Ly in your bed before you go to sleep and choose one thought, or idea, that stayed with you today. Use your bed as a podium and create a performance with this idea or thought. It could be small and short or a whole night long. Think of it as writing in a diary. It is for yourself.

December 18, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 162:
Notice and write down the smell of every space you are going through asprecisely as possible. Do this for a while. If a scent reminds you of something, write that down too.

December 17, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 161:
Go out and take a walk. First focus your attetion on your big toes and the rest of the inside of your foot. Do this for a few minutes. Secon, focus your attetion on the outside of your food. Write down what the difference are for ou between these two points of engagement. Do you experience different in your body, and how do you experience the environment?
December 16, 365 Prompts, Day 160
Find something around you that moves. Take a pencil and paper and start to write down for 10 minutes how it moves. If you are distracted by a thought, write this thought down too in the same description as your movement description. 

December 15, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 159:
When you have to write someone an email today, try to sense as much how your fingertips touch the keyboard. Can you feel how the sensation travels into your arm? Do you feel the weight of your finger? Play with the sensations you feel and see it as a small dance of your fingers on the keyboard.

December 14, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 158:
Write down in a couple of sentences what balance is for you. Choose one phenomenon that you hear, see, feel, smell, think or have read. I chose, for example, the warmth of my body and the temperature in the room. Start moving and questioning what balance is in relation to the phenomenon. Be intuitive and playful in your movement; let it inspire your thoughts. After at least 12 minutes, write down what balance is for you in another couple of sentences. Has it changed?

December 13, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 157:
If you think about today, what were your three most valuable intentions?

December 12, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 156:
Lay down on your back with some warm cloth on. Imagine how your lungs are resting on the floor like two balloons.
While relaxing your body. You can not force yourself to relax; it often helps me to think that my body becomes part of the ground. After a few minutes of relaxing and sinking into the ground, bring your body to different positions, start playing, and imagine what this does to the two balloons. Feel what this does with your breath and the sensation in your body.

December 11, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 155:
Sit in a place where ever you like with a pencil and paper. Write down all the movements you see for at least 15 minutes.

December 10, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 154:
Research the form of your fingers. Do this for as long as you feel like. After that try to draw the form of your ears without looking in the mirror.

December 9, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 153:
Look around in your room, bring your attention to one object and imagine for a few minutes that you have the same substance as the object. Do this with five different things.

December 8, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 152:
Look on the internet or in a biology book how your tailbone looks and lays in your body. Tap with one finger several times on your head. Start to move and think about how the distance between the point you taped on your head and your tailbone constantly changes. Stay aware of this relationship while you are moving.

December 7, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 151:
Open a window in your house or go outside. How many things can you sense from the weather? What do you feel on your skin? What do you smell or hear? Make a list of what you sense, be specific and use metaphors to describe what you sense. You could do this for a couple of days and make a weather diary this way.

December 6, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 150:
Lay on your back, with your eyes closed or open and feel how your breath moves your spine.

December 5, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 149:
Close your eyes, and imagine the form of your lips. Move your lips in as many ways as possible, hold your eyes closed, and try to imagine what your mouth would look like if you saw it. After a few minutes, do the same, but now with open eyes and in front of a mirror.

December 4, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 148:
Imagine loas of elastiv strings between your body and the room’s walls. Different points of your body are connected to the room in this way. When you move, you stretch some elastics and relax others. Do a daily activity with this image in mind.
December 3, 365 Movement Propts, Day 147: 
Hold your morning cup of tea, water, or coffee with minimum tension required to hold the cup. Drink in this way your thee, water of coffee.

December 2, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 146:
Lay down on your back in your bed. Lay your hands on the right and left side of your lowest ribs. Breathe in and out slowly. Discover whether the same amount of air is coming into the lungs or not. If not, equalize the amount of air by bringing more attention to the lung rising less below your hand.

December 1, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 145:
Choose the sound in your environment that you find least pleasant.
Imagine that it is a piece of music by a musician you appreciate. Every minute or so, try to imagine listening to it for the first time. After you've done this for a few minutes, write down what this piece of music is about.

November 30, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 144:
If you watch a serie, a documentary, a film or the news, repeat with your feet what someone tries to explain with his/her/they hands.
November 29, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 143:
Write a letter in complete darkness before you go to bed. Do not lay in bed already, but choose a place to stand somewhere in your room. You could use a book to write on. Write a letter to yourself who is sleeping.

November 28, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 142:
Where is the boundary between your front and your back? Draw a line with your finger to mark this boundary. If there is no boundary for you, how would you describe this place between where the front starts or ends and the back begins or ends?

November 27, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 141:
Write down five animals and five people you know well. Think how they stretch themselves out in the morning. Do these movements yourself: each action a few times to get to know the movement.

November 26, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 140:
Sit on the floor with your legs straight or with your legs crossed. Which part of your pelvis is touching the ground? Is it your sit bones? Or a bit higher? Take the time to sense what kind of feeling this touch is. Be very precise in describing it for yourself. As if you are explaining the taste of your favourite meal to someone. Next, roll your spine slowly backwards, and try to feel every vertebra and what kind of sensation it is when touching the ground. Do this a several times on different surfaces in your house.

November 25, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 139:
Do one daily task/ritual in your house and take someone in mind whom you haven't seen for a long time but is very dear to. Think of doing this task for this person.

November 24, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 138:
Stand in your room and arrive at this place for a few breaths.
Start paying attention to the micro-movements of your head without tensioning your head. If you prefer, you could close your eyes.

November 23, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 137:
Which thought did you have the most today? Choose a movement that matches this thought. Which thought would you rather have had? Choose a movement that represents this thought. Start moving and alternate between these movements for a few minutes. At some point, leave your least favourite thought-movement and do the most beloved thought-movement for several minutes.

November 22, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 136:
Before you go to sleep, write down all the people you saw today and one movement/gesture they made.

November 21, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 135:
Take some ingredients from the kitchen or the ones you will use to prepare your next meal. Start with one ingredient, eat a bit and try to taste it as if you have never tasted the food before. Take your time. If this taste were a movement, what would it look like? Write in a few words down how you would imagine the movement. Do this with all the ingredients you have chosen. You can start translating what you have written into body movements like a little food dance.

November 20, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 134:
Stay or sit close to an object in your room. Please close your eyes and try to come as close as possible with your hands to the object without touching it. Research the size and form of the object in this way. If you are curious, you could go on with the object besides your first object and, along this line, travel through the room. If you find your mind drifting off while doing this, touch the thing for a moment and continue with the exercise.

November 19, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 133:
Look for a space where you can move/walk with your eyes closed. Stand for a few breaths at this place and notice which parts of your skin you can feel. Close your eyes and notice if there is any difference in sensing your skin for a few breaths. Start to move/walk in a way that is comfortable for you. Discover how the movements change to what you can feel with your skin: surrender to what you can sense. Do not focus too much; stay soft with your mind. After at least 8 minutes, open your eyes, jump and shake a bit.

November 18, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 132:
Choose a tree near you. Observe the tree movements made by the wind. Meanwhile, imagine your spine, not as vertebrae on top of each other but as the leaves in the tree: thin and light. After at least 8 minutes of observing, start moving your upper spine like the movements of branches and leaves. You can start small and carefully. If you feel like it, you can make the movements more prominent after a few minutes and use your whole body. But you can also keep following the tree in small movements.

November 17, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 131:
Take the paper you wrote yesterday, your thoughts: and translate the idea into a movement sequence performed by your feet. It could be a tiny movement on a chair, something very quick or slow, just what you feel like doing.
November 16, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 130:
Go out with a notebook, pencil and phone. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and walk until the timer goes off. Stand still, bend your knees and look at the four-inch space directly in front of you. Observe it as if it were the first taste of delicious food you've never eaten before, and start writing down your first thought about each thing you see. Write down all your thoughts. Keep writing and observing for at least 8 minutes.

November 15, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 129:
Find a comfortable place to lay under trees and listen to how the leaves fall like a musical score.

November 14, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 128:
Fill the sink or washing-up bowl mid-high with warm water- a temperature that you find very comfortable. Bring your hands into the water, keep your palm and fingers horizontal and make both hands circles next to each other. Imagine that those same warm, soft hands make these circles on your back. It will help you to relax your back.

November 13, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 127:
Lie on your back during the golden hour of the day, outside or inside, where the sun and shade are. Imagine your upper back and neck as the hands of an analogue clock. Take one object in your environment that has a lovely shade, such as a tree, the legs of your table or a room plant. Move at the same rate as the shadow of the moving object moves during this golden hour of the day.

November 12, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 126:
Think of your pelvis from above. Think of the roundness and depth of your pelvis. Do this for a few minutes. Take a salad bowl, fill it with a bit of water, and hold it by the sides with both hands so that your fingers are spreading against the wall of the bowl. Bring with your mind's eye, your pelvis and the bowl in your awareness. Imagine how there is also a little water at the bottom of your pelvis. Slowly start moving the bowl in your hands. Let the movement continue in the pelvis. Play with this idea for at least 8 minutes. Then change the contents of the bowl with, for example, oil, salt or marble and repeat the assignment.

November 11, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 125:
Imagine a circle connecting your shoulder blades and pelvis for a few minutes. Then, do something in your household and take in your mind's eye how the distance and relationship between the pelvis and both shoulder blades constantly change in the movements you make.

November 10, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 124:
Think of five things that could represent the movements of the lungs. Imagine them one by one for a few minutes while you are breathing. Notice what every image does to your breathing.

November 9, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 123:
Take a walk outside and concentrate on how your arms hang freely from the shoulder sockets. Change your walk and experience how the movements of the arms change. How many different micro-movements can you experience in your arms, hands, and shoulders?  
After a while, standstill and imagine that your head, torso, and legs exist out of 3 big balls that move separately from each other. Start to move in one place and discover what this does with the experience of the micro-movement in your arms.

November 8, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 122:
Imagine with your mindset yourself from above. See the skull, ribs, and pelvis as concentric circles balancing around the axis. Think of the axis line passing through the center of each of the circles. Do something very slowly; for example, clean up the dishes and imagine how the composition of the circle changes.

November 7, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 121:
See the twelve ribs circles balancing around the axis of the torso. Imagine that the space that holds the ribs inside is a body on its own with its movements. Stand in a place where it echoes a bit, maybe your hallway? Humm a little and move a little. Think that some baby bees are inside your ribcage, moving from one place to another through this space. Follow them with your mind's eye while still humming and moving.

November 6, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 120:
Imagine a constant stream going down the back of your spine, but very softly as if it is just a path of ants along your back. Imagine this for a couple of minutes. And allow your muscles to relax. Imagine that the ants reach the floor, leave your back, and follow their way.

November 5, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 119:
Take a shower, stand in the rain, or imagine that you are standing under a stream of water. Imagine that your bones are like the stone in the water and that the water flows along every bone. Allow the sacrum to hang downwards into the back of the pelvis, which is continued by allowing the spine of the ischium to hang downwards. Imagine this for a couple of minutes. And start moving around still with this idea that your bones are the stones around which water flows.

November 4, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 118:
Close your eyes and grip your left or right toes like a baby's hand in the floor. And relax your toes again. Do this a couple of times slowly. What happens in your body? Does it change anything? Do this with your other toes also a couple of times slowly. Start now to walk while gripping your toes with every step. What happens with the rest of the body? And how do you feel afterwards?

November 3, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 117:
Walk around your house and lean into something now and then. Try to find as many possible things and ways that you can lean. Do this assignment after a long day at work.

November 2, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 116:
Make ten small drawings of species in your house, like spiders, plants, fruit flies, your cat, etc. You may have to search for a while to find them all.

November 1, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 115:
Walk in your house or outside and take 10 minutes to examine how your feet touch the ground. Do they come down softly to the ground or with a thump? Do they touch the floor shortly, or do you feel quite long? Then imagine the walks of your friends or other people you know and try to copy those walks.

October 31, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 114:
Think of a story you were told before going to bed. Recreate one of the images from that story in a small movement performance before you go to bed. When you are in bed, think of one story you would tell yourself now.

October 30, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 113:
Lay a blanket living room when it is dark outside, turn off all the lights, and lay on the blanket. Imagine that all that is left of your body is a white skeleton lying on the face of the earth. See the bones of your head, spine, ribs, hip bones, leg and arm bones, and finger bones. Start to follow your breath; breathe very lightly. After 15 minutes, move slowly through space, and keep thinking about this image of you as bones. Start to think about how every bone is a line in space: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Play with the architecture and objects in your living room as part of the lines you are.

October 29, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 112:
Read a half page/page of a fiction book you like. Take a pencil and circle around all the things that include movement. Write all the words you found below each other and read them carefully. Put the paper and book aside and use what you remember for a 10-minute dance/movement improvisation.

October 28, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 111:
Read a half page/page of an informative book, which could be about building something, gardening, animals or plants, etc. Take a pencil and circle around all the things that include movement. Write all the words you found below each other and read them carefully. Put the paper and book aside and use what you remember for a 10-minute dance/movement improvisation.

October 27, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 110:
What is your least favorite place in your house? Spend some time here and change one thing about this place.

October 26, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 109:
Walk with closed eyes slowly backwards through your house whenever you have a thought: change direction.

October 25, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 108:
Go outside for a walk and look at how different shadows move.

October 24, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 107:
Take a walk outside; whenever you smell something different, you change something big/small in your movement or if you feel like changing your direction.

October 23, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 106:
Take a walk outside and discover how many different lichens you can find.

October 22, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 105:
Think of 10 positions that will bring your pelvis in another relation to the surface. Shift from one place to the other for a while.

October 21, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 104:
Stand or sit somewhere, look for a while in one direction and study how many open spaces you can discover.

October 20, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 103:
Take something from the outside that you find in nature that feels very mundane. Study this object for at least 8 minutes, then write down your discoveries.

October 19, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 102:
Look for five things in nature in which you find an interesting relation to your body.

October 18, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 101:
Discover something very small in nature; it could also be the garden, a park, or your home plant, which looks like another universe.

October 17, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 100:
What is your favorite choreography from nature today?

October 16, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 99:
Look at something you see moving in the natural world and look at it as if you are looking at a film. Say at one point here starts the film and at one point where the film ends.

October 15, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 98:
Study one shape you find in nature and take a photo of it as if it is a portrait of someone.

October 14, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 97:
Imagine how your movements, like animal tracks leave traces in space and interfere with the sounds around you.

October 13, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 96:
Imagine for some minutes how all your movements are sound echoes in space.

October 12, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 95:
Look for something or someone that has left a trace.

October 11, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 94:
Have you seen any natural movement or structure you enjoyed watching/hearing/feeling today?

October 10, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 93:
Choose one bone in your body and use it to sketch the movement of the arrangement you saw and drew yesterday. Do this for 5 minutes.

October 9, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 92:
Go outside with paper and a pencil. Find a place that attracts you. Just stand still for a moment. Start looking around you. Try not to categorise what you see in the words or objects. Just look at it as structures, textures, movements, and colors. Take a closer look at one particular arrangement/structure that calls your attention.  Think about exploring this arrangement as being interested and excited about how you learn to know a new person that you think could become your friend.  You could ask yourself: How do I experience this arrangement? Does it feel soft or hard? Does it have a movement in it? And if so, is this movement slow? Or fast? If the arrangement would have a sound, what kind of sound would it have? After approx 8 minutes, take your notebook, and draw in 3 minutes just what comes to you; trust your intuition and let drawing flow on the paper. Don’t be critical of yourself.

October 8, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 91:
Imagine that every movement you make with your clothes has a sound. What kind of musical score are you creating while undressing yourself?

October 7, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 90:
Before you go to bed, do the light out and sit on the floor of your room with closed eyes. Take 10 minutes to explore your space in the dark.

October 6, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 89:
Take your shoes and socks off and give your foot a good massage. Give especially attention to the toes. Afterwards, take a walk and try as many ways as possible to place your feet on the ground. Do this as long as you like.

October 5, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 88:
Yesterday I asked you to write down what dwelling means to you. Are there things you wrote down you could adopt if you are in a nice place outside, like the beach?

October 4, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 87:
Write down in a few sentences what dwelling means for you.

October 3, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 86:
Imagine that your spine is like a mirror. Shape your spine constantly in the different forms you see around you.

October 2, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 85:
Look at a child playing and choose one of their movements to do by yourself a couple of times.

October 1, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 84:
Lay on the ground or in your bed. Listen to all the different sounds: inside and outside you. Notice if the sound goes away from you or comes to you.

September 30, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 83:
Think of something that makes you angry. Choose one movement that expresses this anger and one that represents if you would not be mad anymore about this. Start to move around in your room, switching between those two movements. Write your experience afterwards down.

September 29, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 82:
Think for 10 minutes about the space you form and transform around you while you move through your house.

September 28, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 81:
Think of the last sound of water you heard: the rain or the falling water from you taking a shower. Lay down on your belly, and while thinking about this, start to move your spine very slowly; imagine that your spine makes this water sound while you move.

September 27, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 80:
Imagine while you are breathing that you are a balloon expanding and contracting easily.

September 26, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 79:
If you are on the phone with someone, try to sit, lay or stand in different positions. Figure out what helps the conversation and what does not.

September 25, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 78:
Pick a body part, maybe your left thigh, right big toe, or sternum. Listen to a sound outside your room and follow the sound with the chosen body part for at least eight minutes.

September 24, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 77:
Sit, lay, stand, take different positions for a while and discover how the sound around you changes.

September 23, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 76:
Take a walk, and bring a pencil and paper with you. Listen to the different sounds you hear. Choose one sound and listen for 8-10 min. to this sound. Draw the texture of the sound in 30 sec. Do this with as many sounds as you like.

September 22, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 75:
Take the drawings from yesterday. Look at them and translate the drawings into movement if you are not used to doing this. Just move with your hand or finger like a conductor.

September 21, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 74:
If you go for a walk today, take a pencil and paper with you. Look at something in nature that seems solid to you. Could you find a movement in it and draw the move on your paper? You could do this with many things as you like.

September 20, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 73:
When you think of your movements as an unknown language. How does your language sound?

September 19, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 72:
Go outside and stand/sit somewhere for a while where you always pass by but never take a pose.

September 18, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 71:
Go outside to take a walk and think about how every movement you make will influence the directions of the wind that pass you.

September 17, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 70:
Listen for ten minutes to the sounds you hear in your surrounding. Divide the sounds into regular and occasional. Choose four regular ones and create one movement per sound. When the sounds appear again, do the movement for this sound. Do this dance for at least 10 min.

September 16, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 69:
Bring your body to a position you have never been in, but it is also not that difficult.

September 15, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 68:
Think of one person you met today. Try to repeat a few of the movements this person did when you met.

September 14, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 67:
Sit on the floor or lie on your bed (everything is ok but don't sit on a chair). Take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw ten movements your spine made today.

September 13, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 66:
Ly on your back and close your eyes. Imagine your bone structure. Try to locate every bone and consider how each bone relates to another bone. Imagine also how big your bones are. After 10 minutes, open your eyes. Take an anatomical book, look at the bones and trace them with your hands where they are in your body. Is it what you imagined?

September 12, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 65:
Write down all the places you have been today for min. 5 minutes before you go to sleep tonight. And add to every site you write down one thing you have noticed or remember from this place.

September 11, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 64:
Sit down or stand still and listen for a couple of minutes with closed eyes to the sounds you're hearing. Start to follow the sound's rhythm, melody, or feeling with your hands and arms, while walking at a relaxed pace through your room/somewhere outside.

September 10, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 63:
Look at the surface from something out of nature that you encounter this morning. Close your eyes for one minute and imagine that your skin has a similar texture. Make your breakfast/coffee or do another daily task by imagining that your skin would be from this other material.

September 9, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 62:
Look at someone on the street, beach, shop, etc., doing a normal daily movement. Repeat the movement and change it slightly to something weird.

September 8, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 61:
Stand in the middle of the room and imagine you are in a big river. The water comes from the front. You must keep your body in a light tension, gripping a bit with your feet the earth, but also try to be as soft as possible. Hold on for a few seconds and relax. Imagine that the river comes from another direction. Hold on for a few seconds and relax. Do these a couple of times and choose another corner from which the water comes. Imagine that your skin is the river, and do the same exercise.

September 7, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 60:
Before you fall asleep, lay on your back, and think about the day and what you have done. Make every task you think of one suitable hand gesture.

September 6, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 59:
Call a friend to ask how it is going with him/her/it/them; touch the wall of your living room simultaneously and move slowly to the right. Go down the wall as your friend says something negative, and go up the wall when she says something positive. When it is neutral, you keep your finger at the same level. When you come across a door, go around the corner and follow the wall in another room.

September 5, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 58:
Choose one movement you do when you are waiting for someone or something. Incorporate one rhythm or movement you find in your surrounding.

September 4, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 57:
Write down the five movements you found yesterday and find five ways how you could perform this movement in your house. Incorporate daily tasks. The exercise should not take longer than 10 min.

September 3, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 56:
Flip through a newspaper with your eyes closed, and place your finger anywhere at random. Read the article under your finger. Look for five physical movements in or likely performed in the story.

September 2, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 55:
If you have difficulties making a decision today, give your feet a massage and touch some things with them you are not used to feeling.

September 1, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 54:
Choose a simple movement and do this movement for 20 min or longer. Feel what it does to your body.

August 31, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 54:
Go to a place outside, be there for more or less than one hour, and do not talk with someone. Go back home, or where you like to write, and write just for 10 min. About whatever comes up to you. Then, use the text to write a letter to someone with whom you do not have a good relationship.

August 30, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 53:
Choose an object and connect it with some tape or robe to your spine. Close your eyes and feel how this object influences your body. Start moving around in a familiar place and see what this does to your body.

August 29, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 52:
Recreate the movements of the moments you wrote down yesterday in 1 or 2 min.

August 28, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 51:
Look at one of your journeys far or close to home. You could use it if you have written in a diary about this journey. Think about sensory memories during that journey of places where you still know the exact location. Look at Google maps or a physical map to see the coordinates.

August 27, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 50:
Go outside to a forest. Lie on different surfaces with closed eyes. Try to sense the world around you without looking. Do these as long as you enjoy them. After, bring your experience back in how you move through the forest.

August 26, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 49:
Go outside and think of the world as textures. Consider how these textures feel and if these textures have a particular pattern, consider how these patterns would sound.

August 25, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 48:
What is the difference between dance and movement? Create two performances where the differences between dance and movement become clear.

August 24, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 47:
Today is the first day you encounter earth as an alien. You don’t know anything about social behaviour; you don’t know anything about how to use things or how to be in public spaces. How would you move through your favorite places? Make an alien movement dance as long as you enjoy it.

August 23, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 46:
How would you encounter your favourite place if you were a child again?

August 22, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 45:
Write a letter in movements to your favorite place. Make it approx 8 min.

August 21, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 44:
Write a letter to your favorite place.

August 20, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 43:
Write a letter to a place you miss.

August 19, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 42:
Write a letter to a place where you often come.

August 18, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 41:
Go outside in the morning before 7.30 o'clock. Find a place in nature; it could also be a park. Look for a texture that you very much like. Imagine your whole body would exist out of this texture. Keep thinking of these images while walking, moving, and dancing. Write after 6 min of moving down whatever comes to your mind, and start your day!

August 17, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 40:
Take a cold shower shortly. Go out, find a nice place in the sun. Watch how the drops glide over your body and find their way to the ground. You could move your body to guide the falls on their path down.

August 16, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 39:
This is an invitation to watch people or animals around you. Make a written movement description from someone or a group of people or animals. Watch them/she/he/it for three min. and write down what you see.

August 15, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 38:
Emptiness. Go outside and think of your pelvis as part of the landscape you see. Look at movements, structures, and rhythms and bring them in your way in relation to your pelvis.

August 14, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 37:
Touch your collarbones, and try to detect their form and how they are related to other bones. Search on google maps for the place you grew up. Look at one path or road (which could be very small) that you often took. Try to reconstruct this walk in your current place while thinking about how your collarbones move in your body.

August 13, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 36:
Go for a walk and look for some stones, a fallen tree trunk, or sand on the beach. Objects that you must find balance in every movement you walk on. Try to stay as long as possible in an unbalanced position without falling.

August 12, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 35:
Sit outside and think that your buttocks are your feet. Make buttocks dance.

August 11, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 34:
Look at an insect in your surrounding. Look at how this insect touches a surface. Try to imitate this same quality in a five-minute dance.

August 10, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 33:
Walk on as many surfaces in ten minutes as possible. Write all the feelings in a row below each other. And write behind every character one sentence of whatever comes up in your mind. Create a small story with the sentences, but do not change the order of surfaces. You could only add sentences or edit the ones you have already written down.

August 9, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 32:
Think of your bones as skin and move for 10 minutes with this image in your mind. Look at different skins from plants, animals, humans, insects, etc., as inspiration.

August 8, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 31:
Lay down on the ground. Think of all the bellies you touched while breathing with your chosen sound.

August 7, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 30:
Go and sit somewhere outside. Take nine pictures from where you are. Use these pictures as inspiration to make a movement sequence.

August 6, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 29:
Weekend. Look for one hour at a tree in the morning. And see how for example, the colors of the leaves change by the sun and wind. Write every ten min. one word or a sentence. Make a movement sequence inspired by what you have written down.

August 5, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 28:
Look for all the scarves on your body. Please take a photo of them, write the story behind every scarf in more or less two hundred words, and put it together in chronological order.

August 4, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 27:
Suppose you have to leave earth forever. Which particular earthy movement would you miss the most? Make a one-minute video of this movement.

August 3, 365 Movement Prompts, Day 26:
If you have a movement tic, make a photo and write down one sentence about this tic. As a child, I imitated my mother. One movement I learned from her and never learned is chewing on my left thumb while sitting in front of the computer.

August 2, 365 Movement prompts, Day 25:
Make from your own, or someone else bodies a useful sound piece.

August 1, 365 Movement prompts, Day 24:
Stay in the rain and try to feel every separate drop falling on your body.

July 31, 365 Movement prompts, Day 23:
Look for forms in nature that have a movement in their state but are not moving.

July 30, 365 Movement prompts, Day 22:
Find similarities in different body parts and make little drawings of them.

July 29, 365 Movement prompts, Day 21:
Follow with your hand the movements of your diaphragm after walking and running.

July 28, 365 Movement prompts, Day 20
Make your hands into a knot in your way. Create as many knots as possible while talking to someone about solving problems.

July 27, 365 Movement prompts, Day 19:
Make a small video where you perform your manual.

July 26, 365 Movement prompts, Day 18:
Leave three things out and add two to the manual you made on the 23rd of July.

July 25, 365 Movement prompts, Day 17:
Change three things in the manual you made yesterday.

July 24, 365 Movement prompts, Day 16:
Make a manual of movements of a situation you were in yesterday.

July 23, 365 Movement prompts, Day 15:
Record one sound outside your house and use it later as a musical score for a dance on your bed.

July 22, 365 Movement prompts, Day 14:
Wake up at three or four in the morning and dance for a while at one place in your house where you are not often, and go to bed again. Write in the morning about this place.

July 21, 365 Movement prompts, Day 13:
A body sculpture. Recreate with the objects in your living room, your own body.

July 20, 365 Movement prompts, Day 12:
Lay your hand or any other body part on different surfaces for about 5 minutes. Write for 5 min after each surface.

July 19, 365 Movement prompts, Day 11:
A fly-dance. Look for a fly in your house. First, study the fly for some minutes and then start to follow the fly's movements with your own body.

July 17, 365 Movement prompts, Day 10:
While sitting in the shotgun seat of a moving car, wait until you are half asleep. Notice all the small movements your body makes as the car gently shakes you. Bring your attention to different body parts. For instance: your spine, your head, your eyeballs, and your skin. Could you register this state of being and recreate this little dance when you are out of the car?

July 16, 365 Movement prompts, Day 9:
Think of your bone structure as the structure of a building. Look at the last six photos from you. What kind of buildings are you?

July 15, 365 Movement prompts, Day 8:
Can you think of a movement typical of your mother or father? Do this and give it your twist.

July 14, 365 Movement prompts, Day 7:
What choreography does your nose make when you do the most boring thing of the day?

July 13, 365 Movement prompts, Day 6:
Imagine that your eyes are on top of your fingertips and move through the space for 15 min.

July 12, 365 Movement prompts, Day 5:
A bird dance: Follow with your sternum the melody of the sounds of birds in your surrounding today for 5 min.

July 11, 365 Movement prompts, Day 4:
Describe with your shoulders to someone what kind of work you do.

July 10, 365 Movement prompts, Day 3:
When you are on the toilet, do a breathing exercise with toilet paper.

July 9, 365 Movement prompts, Day 2:
Make a choreography of 3 min. with your tongue for someone you don't like.

July 8, 365 Movement prompts, Day 1:
What is your favourite daily ritual? Do it backwards.

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